The most hyped Interview of the year

Mired in controversy, The Interview ended up with a very soft roll-out this weekend. This is the film I guess North Korea didn’t want us to see. Maybe they saw something I didn’t, because all I saw was the typical Seth Rogen/James Franco silliness.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, this film is about Rogen & Franco being tagged by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong Un. Franco is a tabloid-like reporter, going after silly stories like Rob Lowe is balding, Joseph Gordon Levitt loves puppies, etc, and Rogen is his show’s producer. When Franco reads on Wikipedia that Kim loves his show, he reaches out for an interview. The CIA then approaches the two and basically say, “You know, while you’re there…”

As with most movies with these two, the ridiculousness factor is cranked up a notch, and the whole film from start to finish is just goofy antics, the kind that is really hard to get riled up about. I guess North Korea is upset that their supreme leader is portrayed as a margarita loving, Katy Perry following, chubby man with father issues. The movie is funny if you are up for some mindless humor, but ultimately pretty tame. If it had not received the attention it has, it would probably have had a very quiet run in the theaters, but instead it has become something of a must-watch. The theater I went to was certainly packed for a later-Sunday night showing, and apparently the online rentals and purchases that Sony has made available are setting records. A good 2 hours of laughs if you are up for something frivolous.

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