1500 movies blogged

Early last month, I crossed 1500 movies blogged here. I’ve been wanting to write a quick note about it, but kept forgetting.

My wife teases me (playfully I hope?) that I watch too much tv. Between all these movies, many tv/streaming shows that I don’t even blog about, and every Cardinals/Blues game (born and raised St Louis!) I do have a screen in front of me a lot. Part of it is a big case of FOMO; I just can’t not watch something that I may end up liking. This seems to have gotten worse the last couple years. According to my Letterboxed, in the last 4 years, my movie totals have gone from 182, to 214, to 387, to 401 last year. Granted, some of those were re-watches that I didn’t blog about, but that’s still a lot of movies to watch.

Right now, I’m on pace for 450 films in 2021. I don’t think I’ll get that many, but I’m fairly sure I’ll hit 400 again. As the number of films climbs, finding something in particular I’ve written about has become a challenge. So here’s a couple ways to search for something I’ve seen since I started my blog in 2014 : 

  • The search bar (on the right if you are on a computer, at the bottom on mobile)
  • My Letterboxd (no reviews there, just my activity and ratings)
  • My updated google spreadsheet (sortable)

If anyone else has better ideas on how to search for particular movies/history, let me know! And thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “1500 movies blogged

  1. I can’t keep up with you as far as reading every one! Amazing! I hope you aren’t buying all of these …. Sure you are streaming … WOW, just, WOW!


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