Moviepass has shut down

I read over the weekend that Moviepass has shuttered. I was honestly bummed, because signing up for Moviepass in 2013, and seeing 122 movies at the theater in 2014, was one of the most fun years I’ve had in my life. Joining Moviepass and seeing all those movies was what goosed me to start this blog in the first place, and it has turned me into a bit of a movie connoisseur (aka movie snob).

Moviepass was good back then. I paid $30 a month and was glad to do it, as I saved a boatload from what it would have cost me to see that many movies at the theater otherwise. In my opinion, they killed themselves when they reduced the price to just $10 a month (long after I’d left), because it’s obviously not sustainable when they still have to pay the theaters full price, no matter what they were charging their account holders. Someone (a former CEO I think) is all ready trying to revive Moviepass, but I think its time has come and gone. However, they did shake up the industry. AMC and Regal have since announced their own subscription services, and if I ever get through my 100 books list, I’ll probably sign up for Regal as it is the closest to me, and start seeing a bunch of films in theaters again.

I closed my account after 2014, not due to bad service, but just because I wanted to start focusing on reading more. Obviously since then, I’ve gotten into classic and foreign/art films, so my blog has exploded with movie reviews. I’m now seeing a whole lot more than 122 films in a year, but 2014 still holds a special place for me. Getting up early, going out late, the drive (usually alone) to see a film, and sometimes being the only one in the theater, made it seem like an adventure. I have many great memories of the various places I went, the movies I saw, the workers I interacted with, some of whom got to know me by face, especially those late night crews. Watching films at home on a nice big screen in surround sound is convenient, but nothing beats the theater experience. Thanks for the memories Moviepass.

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