I guess I’ll give this a go

I see a lot of movies. My wife says I should blog about them. So here I am.

I signed up for Movie Pass (https://www.moviepass.com/spd) in February last year. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a pretty cool program allowing you to see 1 “regular” movie (no 3D, no IMAX, etc.) per 24 hour window for a reasonable, flat monthly fee. The system has its flaws, but I put it to use and saw a lot of movies last year. I’ve always loved going to the movies, but as prices rose over the last few years, I went less and less until I found myself only going a handful of times a year. With Movie Pass in hand, I saw 68 movies last year, and I hope to see far more than that this year.

I’m sure this will be boring to read, it’ll mostly just be a record of what I see and what I think about them. But it is something to do so we’ll see where it goes.

For posperity’s sake, the list of films I saw in 2013 : Identity Thief · Safe Haven · Hobbit · Good Day to Die Hard · Side Effects · Oz the Great and Powerful · Incredible Burt Wonderstone · Admission · Olympus Has Fallen · GI Joe Retaliation · 42 · Oblivion · Place Beyond the Pines · Mud · Iron Man 3 · Great Gatsby · Star Trek Into Darkness · Fast & Furious 6 · Now You See Me · After Earth · Internship · This Is the End · Man of Steel · World War Z · The Bling Ring · Monsters University · Lone Ranger · Grown Ups 2 · Despicable Me 2 · Pacific Rim · The Heat · Way Way Back · Wolverine · 2 Guns · Elysium · We’re the Millers · Jobs · Spectacular Now · Butler · Riddick · Conjuring · Prisoners · Don Jon · Rush · Fifth Estate · Enough Said · Gravity · Bad Grandpa · Captain Phillips · Doonby · 12 Years a Slave · Enders Game · About Time · Thor 2 · All is Lost · Dallas Buyer’s Club · Hunger Games 2 · Delivery Man · Book Thief · Frozen · Philomena · Oldboy · Out of the Furnace · Hobbit 2 · Anchorman 2 · Saving Mr Banks · Mandela · Wolf of Wall Street

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