After 5 years at Blogger, I’ve now moved over to WordPress. Obviously, because you are reading this here. I did the whole migration thing, and for the most part it looks OK. I’ll spend a few days making things “pretty” around here, but won’t be going back to fix things in my previous entries. There are some missing paragraph breaks here and there, some text sizing issues, and some broken links I’m sure, but in the interest of moving forward, I don’t want to spend weeks pouring over 347 entries from the past 5 years. I did however spend a little time cataloging all of the films I’ve reviewed, and put it on a spreadsheet. This obviously helps if you want to locate something specific, rather than having to do the endless scroll and search. I will keep this updated moving forward. Link to the google spreadsheet:


As always, thanks for reading and feel free to message me if you want to discuss or recommend any movie or book.

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